The UK Wild Otter Trust is also concerned by the current cull everything attitude adopted by the Government of today, and this is something that we will constantly monitor by working alongside other well respected Otter groups and should a cull ever be announced then we will be ready to fight it. 

We are certain that by having an Otter group that is able to focus on lobbying against such things can only serve to be invaluable in future public debates concerning Otter conservation in the UK and around the world. 

There are growing calls for a cull from a minority of the Angling fraternity and we shall remain focused on any future developments and we shall work hard to change the minorities perception of the Otter by use of education, raising awareness and networking by working with those affected to find a suitable solution to benefit both Otter conservation & Angling.


One of our main areas of concentration is to campaign for the installation of road warning signs for Otters crossing roads. At present, we are aware that at least 3 – 4 Otters are killed weekly by traffic collisions. Whilst we appreciate that by having warning signs in place, it may not stop all of the road causalities, but we are certain that it will make a difference and the numbers killed will reduce by using a combination of both signs and Otter ledges.In addition to this, we also want to see tunnels and bridge platforms installed under river bridges that cross main roads to enable the Otter to continue its journey unhindered and in the safest way possible. The combination of both warning signs and tunnels/platforms will help reduce the numbers killed on our roads each year.PLEASE HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE!