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Unfortunately not all otters that we rescue can be released back into the wild, due to a variety of reasons. These vary from disabilities to imprinting on humans. We currently have 3 otters living that are permanent residents with us in our rescue centre. 

The otters that live with us permanently live in specially designed enclosures that create an enriching environment that is as naturalistic as possible. They are provided with enrichment to keep them entertained. You can buy our otters gifts from our Amazon Wish List or donate money to help with their care.


3-year-old Reggie has joined us from the Tamar Otter Centre, which has very sadly closed its doors. 

He was found emaciated and seriously injured from a suspected dog attack, and has shown some neurological struggles, so will stay with us forever. We will completely spoil this gentle otter and give him a special enrichment program to help him settle in!

The rescued otter cubs and the long term otter residents at UKWOT would love to receive a gift from you!

Our Amazon Wish List contains a selection of much needed items that are needed for our otters rehabilitation and the day to day running of our rehab centre, including enrichment toys, cleaning items and maintenance items. Enrichment toys are important to our rescued otter cubs rehabilitation. Teddies are used as a comfort toy for the small cubs, they snuggle up to them and treat them like mum. Tennis balls are hung from trees to help otter cubs explore, and to use different muscles when in rehab. Also very good to help keep them occupied.

We are so thankful for everyone who has already purchased items from our wish list, below are some of our cubs using your gifts.

Our Wishlist

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