The UK Wild Otter Trust is dedicated to promoting a positive understanding of the Otter & Otter conservation in all areas to as many people as possible and to raise the awareness through education, involvement & information.


The UK Wild Otter Trust are a fully accepted and recognised charity in the United Kingdom charity number 1167746. The UK Wild Otter Trust has a full, legal bank account (details of which can be supplied by contacting the Trust) and have a dedicated finance officer. An income & expenditure statement can be supplied to persons who so wish to see our accounts.


To educate all sections of the general public, visitors & residents of all areas and to promote responsible otter watching in an effort to minimise or prevent any unnecessary disturbance to the otter or its place of safety or shelter.

To promote (and work towards) the welfare of Otters including assisting with the conservation needs of this animal throughout the United Kingdom by networking with other Otter groups and alone.

To be involved with the promotion of raising awareness of the Otter and its habitats through the delivery of talks, walks, printed literature and website use.

To work with other Otter groups & angling bodies/groups to carry out research and investigations into and to further our future understandings of the biology and ecology of the Otter.

To engage with and work towards stable relationships with Fishery owners & Anglers alike by means of negotiation and by delivering support and advice if required. This may involve awarding small grants to such Fisheries that may be affected by Otter predation and no other source of support is forthcoming.

To be aware of current and future changes that may affect the Otter and to be prepared to lobby the relevant departments for change providing the lobbying in question will benefit the Otter population by networking with other established Otter groups and alone.